9 October 2017
Joharah Ballroom, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Seatrade Maritime Awards Middle East, Indian Subcontinent & Africa recognise and reward the excellence in all spheres of maritime activity across the region. With 20 award categories in total, whether an improvement in the safety and quality or a major initiative in environmentally strategies, there is an ideal category to highlight your achievements at the Seatrade Maritime Awards.

Technical & Operational Awards

This award recognises the very best in safety and quality improvement initiatives. It highlights excellence in technical and procedural improvement initiatives that lead to a reduction of risk to life at sea/ land. Judges are looking for detailed evidence of such initiatives including accounts of investment in safety training, changes to the company’s safety culture and improvements of lost time accidents where relevant.

This award recognises an educational institution, commercial organisation or an individual that has made a major contribution to maritime education and training in the region. Judges are looking for examples of excellence and thought leadership with details about policies developed; the relationship to shipping companies in the region; links with other maritime institutions and quantifiable successes.

This award recognises a leading corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy or initiative delivered in the last year. The policy must have successfully contributed to the welfare of the company’s employees, its local community and its business performance overall. Our judging panel will be looking for explanations of the rationale behind the initiative, evidence of success and an indication of investment either monetary or through the allocation of company resources.

This award recognises an organisation that has developed the most environmental responsive maritime & shipping strategies. Judges are looking for examples of a major initiative developed or delivered in the last year with a description of the rationale behind it. They will also look at the scale of investment made and the company’s commitment to the industry’s sustainability through environmentally focused strategies, planning and implementation.

This award recognises contributions to making real fuel cost savings or enhancing the commercial usability of new fuels such as LNG, fuel cells, methanol electricity etc. The judges are keen to see new engineering technology to significantly improve the fuel efficiency of merchant ships, both in terms of the real cost of the input fuel; and the ability to use alternative fuels.

For this category, the judges will be looking for innovation in digital technology with application for shipping, or a successful implementation of SMART technology to shipping operations, which produces a measurable return in operating efficiency.

Industry Awards

This category will be awarded to the company that has demonstrated an exceptional professional performance in the provision of leading services in the marine offshore industry. The successful company will be judged to be providing its customers with the best commercial service with the most consistent operational performance at the most competitive cost.

This award recognises a project, product or process implemented in the last year that has brought significant benefits to the company and its customers. Judges will be looking for an explanation of the rationale behind its development, the degree of innovation involved, and an overview of the investment made.

This award will recognise the achievements of the company who has demonstrated a consistent ability and commitment to improve and enhance efficiency as well as being a front-runner with the ship services offered in their respective maritime market. Environmental commitment and measures will also be assessed as well as the companies continuing drive to further the development of the maritime sector in their region through the introduction of new services that further simplify administration and logistics to ship owners and operators.

This award recognises the port and/or terminal operator that has consistently demonstrated all-round operational excellence regardless of type of cargo handled, maintained the highest standards of operational cost efficiencies, efficient automation systems and customer service delivery. With judges looking for indications of sustained commitment to this above criteria, the successful nominees should be able to demonstrate exceptional innovation, continued commitment to enhanced supply chain solutions, improved efficiency, profitability and successful investment in port and/or terminal operations.

This award recognises a company, association, individual or system that has made a substantial contribution to strengthening the links between the region’s maritime elements. Judges are looking for examples of collaboration to better the prosperity of the regional maritime industry rather than individual profit or gain. Judges will also be looking for evidence of contributions made and examples of regional maritime benefits.

This award recognises a company that has undertaken a major transformation or has had a significant effect on the region’s marine market. Judges will be looking for explanations of how the transformation or effect was achieved, including the rationale involved. They will also assess any investments committed and explore the company’s plans to build on its achievement.

With the biggest challenges in global trade being the efficient and effective implementation of logistics solutions. This award will recognise the company that has demonstrated its ability to consistently contribute to the development and implementation of best practices that further enhance and develop cross-border commerce. The successful company will have developed strategies that contribute to enhanced global supply chain management through the flow of goods that pass through a diversified chain of multiple logistics segments. The judges will therefore assess successful business solutions developed to maximise the number of projects handled, the optimisation of operational performance, the introduction of customer friendly facilities, a high level of customer satisfaction as well as new innovations that further the flow of goods to their final destination.

This award recognises a significant business deal in the regional maritime industry supporting its growth and sustainability. Judges are looking for background information on the deal; the impact it had on the company; an indication of the complexities of the deal; any innovative features, how it was done and the final transaction value in US$.

Africa Award

This award recognises a project, product, company or process that has made a significant contribution to infrastructural development and/or investment in Africa in the last year. Judges are looking for examples of overcoming challenges and difficulties; investments made and the benefits to the regional maritime market.

Personality & Community Awards*

Marketing activity has to be properly thought-through if it is to be successful and cost effective in building and differentiating the brand. This award will be judged on strategy, targeting, creativity and most importantly - the results of a marketing initiative completed or continuing in 2016/17.

This award is to honour an individual who has made a significant and lasting contribution to shipping and the maritime industry.

This award is presented to an individual who has made a major contribution to the shipping industry in any field.

This award will recognise an individual or organisation making a significant impact in the regional maritime community, having entered the market in the past 12 months.

In a year of rapid development across the region, this award recognises the development from within the region which will deliver the greatest benefit to global maritime transport in the long term.

*Winners for these awards are chosen by the Seatrade Editorial Board

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