9 October 2017
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LUKOIL Marine Lubricants – Technology leader in the marine lubricants market

LUKOIL Marine Lubricants works according to the motto “Always ahead”; which is proven by its technology lead, best in class customized services and highly experienced people running the business.  The results have been impressive, and LUKOIL is now the fastest growing lubricants supplier in the industry. 

The company established itself as a technology leader in 2011 having developed the very first 100 BN cylinder oil, NAVIGO 100 MCL, which was available in the market with full OEM approvals ahead of all the other lube oil suppliers. NAVIGO 100 MCL was the first success story for LUKOIL since it has become the design basis for new engines.

LUKOIL achieved to strengthen their technical lead with their newly developed EAL products. At present, LUKOIL is the only company that offers an entire product range of EAL based on fully saturated esters, which due to its excellent ageing resistance and seal compatibility allows for an extended dry dock interval of up to 7.5 years.

LUKOIL’s latest development is an onboard system, called “iCOLube” which stands for intelligent cylinder oil lubrication. This system is easy to operate and provides a constant optimal feed rate by mixing NAVIGO 100 MCL with system oil according to the sulphur content of the fuel. Optimizing the oil for the prevailing engine requirements offers benefits such as significant lubricant cost savings and wear reduction.

Website: www.lukoilmarine.com

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